January 18, 2009

Losing Sleep

It is starting to become that time of life on the job. Slightly late nights at first then becomes late nights which soon border onto the next day.

Well it is starting for me now. Hope and pray it doesn't become a daily thing for the near future.

January 14, 2009

Big Fish

Having seen my small fish ... Now I need to show you my big fish.

Some koi and shubankin (the poor man's koi). My current favorite tank ... so much so my wife "says" that I neglect my first fish pets ... Well maybe true partly ...

Although .. taking care of these big guys is a lot harder and the small ones. They've actually grown quite a bit since the beginning. Need to start thinking of bigger swimming area for them ... A fish pond perhaps ... :)

Rain drops .. on leaves


I don't know what it is about water droplets .. but they look magical when you find them on the leaves after the rain.
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Small Fish

As you may have already noticed, that I embarked on a fish project a little over an year ago. Well it has evolved into a significantly bigger tank and more variety of fish.

What you see here is the small fish version.